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is getting amazing feedback about Precambrian Oxide's use with everything from Chronic Fatigue to ADD/Autism to AIDS, the common cold, and FLU, WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS!!! IT HAS NO TASTE AND NO SMELL!! The mineral just works very well on the three viruses that cause these illnesses. This mineral simply causes each immune cell to be stronger, and live longer, so your own immune system is better able to subdue these viruses.

Money back guarantee for diagnosed, CFIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

On October 24, 2007, we found a testimonial report, by a client from Washington State, saying that 4 grams of our mineral cured HEPATITIS C, suggesting it is, indeed, very agreeable with the liver. A personal friend of ours reports that her BENIGN BRAIN TUMOR vanished in two months, after taking larger amounts of Precambrian Oxide than suggested for viruses; she experienced no side effects! We suspect that her benign brain tumor was caused by the persistent brain virus causing so many recent illnesses. First the mineral enhances the immune system, then that strengthened immune cells eliminate the virus which caused the tumor. Clients report an immune cell count increase of 10,000 points occurring less than a week after first taking the mineral.

Miracle Minerals is not allowed to say, nor make the claim, that Precambrian Oxide cures any illness, condition, or syndrome. (Know that they've gone so far as to make it against the law to say that vitamin C cures scurvy.) Having said that, it may be entirely co-incidental that, after suffering for over 25 years with a brain virus, so called chronic immune dysfunction (often misdiagnosed as: CFS, Epstein Barr, the new "depression" which has physical symptoms, fibromyalgia, and all the different names for one virus with the same symptoms), I was cured only after ingesting Precambrian Oxide for seven months. Figuring out the proper dosage, we realized my cure would have taken only three or four months. Legal constraints also allow us to say only that Precambrian Oxide is "really liked" by people who have the following illnesses:

ADD, ADHD, Autism (when onset of illness took place well after birth, and not from prenatal oxygen deprivation), CFIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, AIDS, The Common Cold, Flu, Chronic Epstein Barr, Chronic Immune Dysfunction, Bipolar (titer tests have shown Bipolar to be a brain virus, and not a chemical imbalance, or purely psychiatric), Chronic low grade fever, and other virus or bacterial infections. It is also "liked" by people who need to restore their immune systems before, during, and after Chemotherapy.

We are very pleased to say that our clients and friends report that rubbing Precambrian Oxide on gum infections, or mouth sores, brings great relief, if not elimination of these oral issues.

Be aware that low grade chronic viruses are often misdiagnosed as depression, various syndromes, bi-polar condition, and multiple sclerosis. If you have some or all of these physical symptoms, such as fever, intestinal pain and diarrhea, fatigue, rash, irritability, unpredictable energy swings, improvement in cooler room temperatures, among many other physical symptoms that recur persistently, it's the body's physical response to chronic infection. It's iron clad, written in stone, biological science that the body reacts, in these ways, to infection. We are particularly concerned about a misdiagnosis of multiple sclerosis because we do not think our mineral cures MS, but would work very well on the virus which was commonly misdiagnosed.

Are all of these illnesses caused by one brain viruses? In the recent past, a common titer count test was available which proved that most of the above mentioned illnesses (not AIDS, Cold or Flu) were caused by one brain virus. (Although that brain virus causes symptoms in other parts of the body, it is called a brain virus simply because it crosses the brain/blood barrier.) This specific titer count test identifying that brain virus is no longer available to the public, nor are we allowed to say the name of the brain virus in question, or how it was transformed from a three day virus to a chronic, low grade infection. (You might take these clues, and figure it out yourself.) I accumulated nearly a decade of titer tests proving active, chronic brain virus infection, before the specific titer count test was banned. However, I still have years of copies of those tests in a very safe place. I also was able to have others tested, who were misdiagnosed with the above illnesses, (not AIDS, Cold, Flu) and they also tested positive for only the one brain virus, and no other illness. (The above illnesses, excluding AIDS, Cold and Flu, are not diagnosed by definitive titer count tests, but rather by way of a compilation of symptoms which they usually call a "syndrome"). It is because of the titer count tests,  which I was lucky enough to get, that we speak of all these seemingly disparate illnesses in one block. The "Miracle" of our mineral is not that it works wonders on all these different illnesses, it is that all these illnesses are so alike, if not identical, the symptoms of which are caused by only one brain virus.

It is the remarkable effect on the immune system, specifically viruses, that includes AIDS, The Common Cold, and Flu, among the block of illnesses we've named. The primary difference between AIDS, and the brain virus I had, is the cells within which they replicate. My virus replicated in fat cells; a lipid virus which easily crosses the brain/blood barrier. The AIDS virus replicates in the immune cells which send signals to activate one's immune system. It is thus eventually life threatening, whereas the virus I had may have eventually caused a cancer, but primarily just causes terrible pain, suffering, and fatigue which utterly destroys quality of life, and lifestyle. But both viruses are just low grade, chronic viruses, and do not do their worst in a short period of time. They do their worst over years. When the finest anti viral medicine only made me feel just a little relief, when I've seen the wealthy pay hundreds of thousands for no better relief, Precambrian Oxide gave me great relief within hours, and cured me within months. When I saw what my cousins and friends went through in fighting AIDS; how their symptoms paralleled mine, as the body can react to a low grade virus in only so many ways, I realized that the main difference between the two viruses was that when my virus destroyed fat cells as it replicated itself, the result was a craving for eating fatty foods and a greater tendency to gain weight. When the AIDS virus destroys the immune cells that activates the rest of the immune system, the result becomes extremely life threatening. But both viruses are still, commonly, very persistent low grade viruses, that are on a roller coaster ride with the immune system; an ever descending roller coaster. Good days, bad days; when sometimes the immune system dominates, other time the virus dominates. My personal observation is that the AIDS virus is not stronger, nor does it replicate faster than the virus I had, and, if Precambrian Oxide cured me, I'm 99.9 percent sure it will do the same for AIDS. We know that it increases the number of white blood immune cells very quickly. It may increase the number of immune cells simply because it causes each immune cell to live longer and be stronger.

Regarding cancers: chemotherapy tends to damage the immune system, and since cancer, by definition, is the inability of the immune system to effectively eliminate cancer cells, then a mineral which makes each immune cell live longer, and be stronger, can only be beneficial. A spike in White Blood Cells usually means a flair up of cancer, but the mineral increases WBC counts in a short time span, as it kills cancer cells. As stated above, clients have reported that, after taking this mineral, their immune count increased 10,000 points in less than a week, without side effects.
DO NOT TAKE THIS MINERAL IF YOU HAVE HAD AN ORGAN TRANSPLANT AND ARE TAKING IMMUNE SUPPRESSING MEDICATION.  Because these drugs artificially suppress the immune system, and because Precambrian Oxide MAY substantially increase the general strength of the immune system, taking both at the same time may shift the immune surpressing balance, causing donor organ rejection.

New allergy drugs have been suppressing the immune system to reduce allergy symptoms. The danger in these new allergy drugs is that it leaves you vulnerable to all manner of infections. Our mineral will quickly restore the immune system should you contract an infection from these allergy drugs suppressing your body's ability to fight infection.

The FDA has already approved this mineral within perfectly safe drinking water, breakfast cereal (about 16 bowls of quality cereal contains one dose of our mineral), as well as in over the counter vitamins, though not in medicinal amounts.  Since the FDA might deny this, let us err on the side of caution and proclaim that Precambrian Oxide has not been approved by the FDA, and any ingestion of Precambrian Oxide should be done at one's own risk, and Miracle Minerals, or those who form our company, are not responsible for any adverse reactions which may occur in doing so. We really dislike having to say this since our personal experience has been entirely positive.

For serious questions send email to: precambrianoxide@yahoo.com

 At this point in time, we are using this website mainly as a convenient way to order Precambrian Oxide. We have theories about how this amazing mineral functions with the immune system, but we must claim they are only theories. We found studies on this mineral, but, when we tried to copy the site, or return to it, it simply vanished from our computer. We will add more information as we find it, and as we learn what is permitted.

As for the reason why pharmaceutical companies are not offering this mineral to the public, our best guess is that they do not sell any product they do not hold a patent on, and certain companies would much rather make millions treating symptoms rather than curing the underlying illness causing those symptoms. It would not be in their financial best interest to tell anyone about a probable cure. It is for this reason we have started a whispering campaign, instead of mainstream advertisement, to insure unimpeded help for many.

It helps us to help others when you share your lab results, and personal experience of the mineral. Indicate whether you wish to remain anonymous, or openly share. Send lab test copies to the address below.

Do come and "Like" our new Face Book page. Copy and paste the following Face Book name onto your browser: Precambrian Oxide at MiracleMineralS.Org  


To order 1 packet of Precambrian Oxide use the "Buy Now" button, or send payment to the address below. For multiple orders of Precambrian Oxide, use the Paypal "Add To Cart" button. If you send a personal check, we must wait until it clears before we can fill your order, so we advise sending a STANDARD POSTAL MONEY ORDER.

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A three month supply of Precambrian Oxide is $65.00 tax and shipping included. 
(We've doubled the quantity of mineral in each order.)

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